Spa’s & Tubs

Hot Tub Sales- Sales and installation of Hot Tubs, and Supplies.
Hot Tub Service- Complete wiring and repair services for Hot tubs from
Wilson Electric.
Since 1988 we have outfitted our customers with quality hot tubs and
saunas so they can achieve maximum relaxation. We sell a full line of chemicals
from Chlorine, Bromine, or Non-Chlorine to keep your hot tub (or pool) running
at optimal performance. We also have a large selection of fun toys for the pool
or spas.
We provide Baquaspa, and Brilliance, for Spas and Baquacil and Poolife for
Great Lakes Spas, Strong Spas, Passion Spas, QCA Spas. Almost Heaven saunas, and cover lifts.
Contact Great Lakes Spas/ Wilson Electric today at 989-831-4117 in Stanton
for service or repairs or Greenville at 616-754-4440.gl4-2016